Development of communication strategies and proof of concept based on a distributed sensor network for a modular robot actuator.


Dr. Stefan Bosse (communication in sensor networks, parallel data processing)
Dr. Edit Pál (sensor application)

Figure 1
Joint of a robot arm – example of application of examined sensor networks.


A large number of sensors (communication nodes) are to be connected to each other in a network allowing them to receive, send and relay data, or process data of local or global origin locally, the latter with the aim of data reduction. Such a network of communication nodes shall be implemented using a simple, message-based communication protocol able to exchange sensor data and results of its evaluation using remote-procedure-call semantics. This functionality shall be realised using digital logic systems like FPGAs using application-specific system-on-chip solutions. The logical position of each node within the network shall be detectable with the assistance of network protocol and message exchange, while a permanent and local addressing of nodes is not foreseen. The network topology can, but does not have to, contain redundant connections. The complete set of network nodes forms an anonymous tuplespace, which is implemented via group communication. Fundamental results in terms of communication nodes and networks will be subjected to a proof of concept  via their implementation in a modular robot actuator. 


communication protocol, robotics, sensor network, sensor node, information exchange, distributed systems