Dr.-Ing Dirk Lehmhus

„To me, the catchword “technology of senses” means transferring physical sensitivity as a successful concept of nature and all the possibilities that go with it to the technical world.”

Curriculum Vita

since  2009

Managing director of ISIS Sensorial Materials Scientific Centre,
University of Bremen


Dissertation and graduation to the degree of Dr.-Ing. on production and properties of aluminium foams (supervisor Prof. M. Busse)

1998 – 2009


Research associate and project manager at Fraunhofer IFAM
in the area of lightweight materials


Diploma thesis on galvanic corrosion of magnesium alloys
at Volkswagen AG

1991 – 1998


Mechanical Engineering studies at the University of Hanover, specialization in engineering design and development with special focus on materials technology

Research Focus

  • functional materials and structures for sensing and energy harvesting applications – synthesis, properties and structure-property relations
  • multifunctional composite and hybrid materials
  • integration of sensorial capabilities in materials and components
  • cellular metallic materials, metal foams


Lehmhus, D., Aumund-Kopp, C., Petzoldt, F., Godlinski, D., Haberkorn, A., Zöllmer, V., Busse, M.: Customized Smartness: A Survey on Links between Additive Manufacturing and Sensor Integration. Procedia Technology 26 (2016) 284-301.

Lehmhus, D., Wuest, T., Wellsandt, S., Bosse, S., Kaihara, T., Thoben, K.-D., Busse, M.: Cloud-based Automated Design and Additive Manufacturing: A Usage Data-Enabled Paradigm Shift. Sensors 15 (2015) 32079-32122.

Behrmann, T., Budelmann, C., Bosse, S., Lehmhus, D., Lemmel, M. C.: Tool chain for harvesting, simulation and management of energy in Sensorial Materials. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 24 (2013) 2245-2254.

Pál, E., Kun, R., Schulze, C., Zöllmer, V., Lehmhus, D., Bäumer, M., Busse, M.: Composition-dependent sintering behaviour of chemically synthesized CuNi nanoparticles and their application in aerosol printing for preparation of conductive microstructures. Colloid & Polymer Science 10 (2012) 941-952.

Lang, W., Jakobs, F., Tolstosheeva, E., Sturm, H., Ibragimov, A., Kesel, A., Lehmhus, D., Dicke, U.: From embedded sensors to sensorial materials - The road to function scale integration. Sensors and Actuators A 171 (2011) 3-11.

International Co-operations

Politecnico di Torino, Torino (Italy): Prof. Massimiliano Avalle

Universidad de Valladolid, Valladolid (Spain): Prof. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Pérez

New York University, New York (USA): Prof. Nikhil Gupta    


Dr.-Ing. Dirk Lehmhus
ISIS Sensorial Materials Scientific Centre
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28359 Bremen

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