Functional Mockup

Functional Mockup


New, integrated simulation methods for smart structures reflecting decision making, communication etc.  


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Lawo (AI methods, machine learning)
Dipl.-Inf. Florian Pantke (AI methods, machine learning)
Dr. Stefan Bosse (communication in sensor networks, parallel data processing, system-on-chip design)


Design and dimensioning with sensorial materials requires new simulation concepts going beyond usage of conventional tools like finite element analysis (FEA). In this project, a new approach is developed. It links FEA and multi-agent based simulation techniques. The new method supports local autonomous conventional control and decision making of particular components on different levels of granularity. It maps communication among such units to its impact on the physical layer, for example in sensor-actuator systems. This includes an explicit declarative representation of the individual sensor and actuator nodes as well as communication elements and thereby assists the implementation of an explanation component for the simulation process.


Simulation, communication, finite element analysis, multi-agent based simulation, decision making, machine learning