Concepts and demonstrators for smart tools machine tool components


Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Antje Wilkens
Dr.-Ing. Jochen Eckebrecht
Dipl.-Ing. Cord Winkelmann


The project investigates the potential of sensorial materials for tools and components of production facilities. Research strategies adapted to this field are developed and concrete applications identified to be realised as demonstrators. An example is an intelligent grinding wheel, which gathers information on temperatures in the grinding zone to support process control of the machine tool. Using conventional equipment, this data is not accessible at the same level of data quality. In the present case, measurements are either based on thermocouple designs specifically developed for this purpose or on infrared sensors.


Manufacturing systems, tools, process monitoring, process control, quality assurance


Brinksmeier, E., Heinzel, C. Wilkens, A., Lang, W., Seedorf, T.: Monitoring of machining processes using sensor-equipped tools. Advanced Engineering Materials 12 (2010) 641-645. pdf