Technology Synthesis and Simulation

For ISIS, technology synthesis means combination of the individual disciplines with the aim of defining and shaping the product. In this sense, it is the application-oriented extension of the dedicated research performed in the further subsections. Major topics are
  • design, dimensioning and simulation of components including integrated sensorial capabilities.
  • development of continuous/integrated simulation techniques describing all aspects from structural response to decision making in smart sensor networks.
  • provision of optimization methods considering economic efficiency, safety, reduction of ambiguity etc.
  • methods for holistic virtual and physical testing and evaluation of smart materials and structures.
  • definition of manufacturing concepts for smart components.
  • elaboration of new utilisation concepts for smart materials and components.
The thematic orientation of the department provides the indispensable framework for the realisation of true innovations beyond the lab. Its topical width reflects the importance ascribed to this aspect within ISIS: It is our aim to achieve excellence in research not exclusively for the advancement of knowledge, but also to see the results applied in everyday life.